Posted by: Gaya | November 5, 2011

Am a 39 yr old mom using the dragon to slay the dragon !

I am not a blogger. And i love to end every sentence with three dots… Just like my life. So i am really not good at writing content that kills on sight. I am not a blogger cos i was born Asian, female and have far too many live and interesting friends to skypebleat or voipbleat to. And then the tolerance factor they have for me is awesome and humbling, long-suffering they are. My husband rarely listens nowadays especially now that he has realised that the war may be over in Sri Lanka but the permanent lamenting ( shame on us if we let up) has not.

Then why blog? Well, I think I am losing myself on a journey of too many images, stories and powerful triggers, stimuli and self-destructive sadness and lonesomeness. Oh for Christ’s sakes, simply put, I just may lose the plot if I do not write a blog each day on my journey as a 39 yr old mom of 2, married ( no single mom capacities in here) and launching a website which includes oral histories.

So, I am gonna stop engaging in forums on Facebook which have now given me enough friends and learning, just read the odd post. I will blog the momentum of this journey and keep writing, making friends, interviewing and collecting images and uploading to design the content which will eventually be the website content. Only the content here will be the process of writing and not the writing itself though I will introduce some characters who clutch at me throughout.

I hope there will be others who will share what they are reading: the pitfalls of finding them single socks, the only peace at the bottom of the bathtub and the piece you don’t find under the bed whilst writing their digital content.

Well, I am reading Clay Shirkey’s ‘Here Comes Everybody’ and The New Yorker – oooh the great piece on the Occupy Movement Pre-Occupied by Mattathias Shwartz is worth every Eurocent!

Well, the best way to write for the web is to write for the web so i am using the wordpress free blog way to write myself into the free and easy yoga of getting digital content through to the web development team.

Where am i right now on the journey? I have conducted the oral history interviews, listed around 160 something possible contributors on an excel sheet, connected with about 4 or 5 committed collaborators and I have gotten the knotty issues of image-sharing and file formats sortof sorted. The tabs are looking good, the content direction or categories are clear and the web development trans-euro team are awesome.


Mom recipe for leading a double life, that digital roll-in-the-hay, will require :

Daily a blog, a swim, weekly some soups, stews, a roast and a few Italian shortcuts from the Trattoria around the corner and fruit juice to make up those missing calories in the lil people I mother… ah ! the first of those three dots.

An organised laundry sorting scheme and a mad dog dash between 5 and 7.

Coming up: Horizontal hugs, Poetry over Politics and why Christmas needs a bit of Kitsch… not nec in any order 😉

Stay well !


  1. The image above is the sunset in July this year in the Maremma part of Tuscany, Italy… i just took a walk into the twilight and captured this on a basic digital camera. No special stuff.

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